Racism Today

Racism today happens more “behind the scenes.” We find that there are much fewer racist people in the world today, but those who still hold those opinions are not quite as public. Also, racism against black people has almost been diminished. Today many of those who are racist are racist against foreigners. Whereas, in the 1930’s basically all whites were racist against black people. Thankfully with the aid of the government, those thoughts have been put to rest. The form of racism seen in the 1930’s was very public and hard to stand up against. But, today, it’s more secretive and majority of it is against foreigners to our country. Especially in airport security we see discrimination and racism. Those who are Arabic, are somehow listed as a threat because many terrorists that have infiltrated the U.S. Airlines with bombs and such, have been primly viewed as Arabic. This is unfortunate because many of the Arabic people in the U.S. are very kind and very loyal to the U.S. It is quite sad to see an American looking man bypassing suspicion while an Arabic man seems to arouse lots of suspicion when the American man could be carrying the bomb. Quite obviously, our country has grown out of it’s old theories of racism, but new theories are easily developed and can easily influence the masses. Whenever something seems foreign or strange, a human will form it’s thoughts against them as if to block the strangeness . This is how racism comes to be.  The main difference between racism in the 1930’s and racism today is who the victim of racism is.  You could say it’s human nature to be racist, but it’s also human nature to overcome racism.

My Earliest Memory of School

My second earliest memory of school was in Kindergarten. I wasn’t even going to school yet, but I was waiting for the bus with my older sister on her first day of school. The air was thin but not chilly. My older sister stood at our driveway with her backpack. I stood in my pajamas, bare feet, and with a pop tart. I went to afternoon kindergarten so I didn’t have to leave anytime soon. Then I saw a young girl emerge from a house down the street two houses and across the street. She was carrying a blue, over sized backpack. She trudged to our driveway and stood silently. Finally, after a couple of seconds, I introduced myself. I found her name was Lauren and that she went to morning Kindergarten. Then the big yellow bus came and my sister and my new acquaintance got on.  Little did I know that eight years later she would have become one of my best friends.

Armed and Underage

Did you know that 200,000 children around the world are being forced into the military? In their country, they lack fighting soldiers so they will pull children from the street and use them as armed soldiers. They use these children because their very loyal and very small. Children as young as seven are serving in military’s all over the world. Even though the majority of child soldiers are used for armed rebel groups, some countries in Africa use them in their government forces as well. Could you imagine that? Carrying around a fully-loaded military grade gun at age eight?

On a completely different hand, Indian Tribes in America are attempting to revive their ancient languages. With English being the official language and the easiest form of communication in America, it was hard to keep the languages around. Now, they are using translating keys to aid in their revival of the language.  All across the country, these almost lost languages are being taught  in the effort to make them popular with their people again. I think this is interesting because when you hear these kind of stories you can only imagine how many different languages have been spoken on American soil.

Plenty of things to think about, have a FANTASTIC day!

Update for Those Who Care :)

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been posting about me lately……. Just as an update, I am no longer playing soccer. I have played since I was VERY young and just recently decided to quit. I still have to decide if I want to play for our High School, but no questions about that, because I don’t know. My new main sport is lacrosse, which I started this past spring. I absolutely love lacrosse! Since lacrosse isn’t big enough to have a club season yet, I am currently running cross country and will be playing basketball in the winter. My sister is at collage, and everyday I think of her, but at least shes not very far away and can visit often! Have a fun school year everybody! Oh, and my U.C.L.A. obsession has been kept constant, I want U.C.L.A. pajamas for Christmas, those you know me outside the web, keep my parents accountable! Smiles all around! 🙂


Have you ever made a promise you couldn’t keep? Many people become so overwhelmed with emotion they promise off deeds that can never be done. Anything from promising a friend $1 million for a dare or bet to promising to build a house. Though not many people make sincere promises these days, I think it is important to always stay true to them when you do make sincere promises.

Have You Ever Thought?

Have you really every thought about where you came from? I would think my home town. But, my real heritage is in Scotland. My ancestors came to America because of religious persecutors in Scotland.  And then, when we lived in another state before I was born, I found that we moved to where I was born for my Mom’s job. Think about where you are really from. I challenge you to really look into your family heritage to find why you are where you are, whether that be the United Stated, Europe, Australia, or Asia.

What’s really important?

What’s really important to you? Is it making the cut for the vollyball team? Prepping for the big game? Getting your homework done? To me, what’s really important is standing by my morals and not slipping into the abyss around me known as the modern world. I do play sports, I do have homework, and I do have friends. But, one of my only goals is to not falter in my beliefs. THAT is what is really important to me.


I’m sure you know people who have little obsessions. Okay, so what I’m trying to say is that I have a big obsession. In forth grade, we did a Wax Museum project. We researched a famous Hosier and then dressed like them and gave a bio about ourselves. I picked John Wooden. John Wooden was an amazing basketball coach at U.C.L.A. (University of California at Los Angeles) He lead the basketball team there to 10 out of 11 national championships. Ever since then, I have been partially obsessed with U.C.L.A. All I asked for Christmas this year was a U.C.L.A. jersey. (Which I got) And for my birthday, all I want is PJ pants with the U.C.L.A. logo on them. I even memorized their fight song.

We are the sons of Westwood and we hail to he blue and gold. Trw to thee our hearts will be our love will not grow old. Bruins roam the hills of Westwood by the blue Pacific shore. And when we chance to see a man from USC every Bruin starts to roar! * U — C — L — A —, U-C-L-A, Fight Fight Fight!

*The three dashes represents three claps